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Relief Koala

Relief Koala

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📚 Free Breathwork ebook

✨ Reduce Stress & alleviates anxiety

🛏️ Supports healthy sleep

❤️ Realistic breathing & heartbeat sounds

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How Does it Work?

Its rhythmic deep breathing pattern mimics the natural frequency of human breathing, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation.

This comforting feature helps your body unwind during moments of panic and late-night anxiety, making it easier for you to fall asleep.

Why Choose Us?

Features of the Koala Plushie

- Realistic Breathing Motion: The koala’s chest rises and falls to simulate a natural breathing rhythm.

- Soothing Vibration: Gentle vibrations help to calm your senses and reduce stress.

- Heartbeat Sounds: Soft heartbeat sounds create a calming, familiar environment.

- Soft Nightlight: Provides a gentle glow to promote a stress-free and restful sleep.

- Premium Soft Fabric: Made from high-quality materials, ensuring a comforting touch and durability.

- Portable and Lightweight: Easy to carry, perfect for travel or to use anywhere at home.

How You Will Feel

- Reduced Tension: Let go of the day’s stress and unwind effortlessly.

- Instant Calmness: Quickly achieve a state of tranquility and peace.

- Emotional Comfort: Feel secure and comforted by the koala’s soothing presence.

- Restful & Anxiety-Free Sleep: Drift into a deep, restful sleep without the interference of anxiety.

30 Sleeps Guaranteed!

Discover tranquility with our Koala Plushie, backed by our 30 Sleeps Guarantee.

We're sure you'll appreciate the soothing benefits of our Koala, but if you're not entirely happy within 30 days of your purchase, you can return it for a full refund or a free exchange.

Your comfort and satisfaction are paramount, allowing you to relax knowing the Koala is there for you.

Over 5,000 happy customers love the Relief Koala

Don't waste your time or money on knock-offs

You'll notice a big difference in quality with the Soher Relief Koala. More comfort, more realistic sounds and a more calming aura.

  • 70% of customers have a noticeable difference in their sleep after getting the real Relief Koala

Your best friend that's always there

Whether facing a stressful day or struggling with late-night restlessness, this companion offers support by reducing stress and fostering tranquillity.


Engage with its calming presence to enjoy peaceful nights and a sense of calm during the day.

  • Get back to sleeping like a baby every night.

Why this Relief Koala?

We've designed the Relief Koala, specifically for those people who struggle to feel calm and comfortable when they're at home or in bed alone but just want to chill out without their mind racing.

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What features does the Koala have?

Our Koala Plushie is packed with amazing features designed to provide comfort and relief to everyone. It offers a variety of soothing sounds, including:

  • Gentle Vibration
  • Ultrasound & Womb Breathing Sounds
  • Calming Heartbeat Sounds
  • Soft Nightlight

Additionally, the Koala Plushie features a moving chest and breathing function that syncs with the natural rhythm of human breathing. This helps to reduce your heart rate and ease you into a state of relaxation.

Don't forget about the adjustable glowing light emanating from the seashell on the Koala's chest, perfect for those who need a bit of light to sleep comfortably in the dark.

Does the Koala come with warranty?

We have an risk-free 30-sleeps guarantee that begins only when you receive the product!

If you don’t have a positive experience for any reason, contact our award-winning customer support and ask for a full refund.

Can i wash the Koala?

Yes, of course. You can easily remove the electronic parts of the Koala, allowing you to wash the Koala and keep it fresh!

How effective is the calming function?

The Koala Plushie is expertly crafted to meet a variety of calming needs, including alleviating sickness and anxiety.

Testimonials from our customers highlight that the breathing motion and white noise features are highly effective in providing comfort during moments of anxiety.

Overall, the Koala Plushie's calming function creates a tranquil environment, making it an excellent tool for reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation.

Who is the relief koala suitable for?

The Relief Koala is perfect for all ages, starting from 6 months and up.

Whether you're young or simply young at heart, you can always enjoy the comfort of a soft and cuddly sleeping companion!

How long is delivery?

We ship our products out within 24hours of the order being confirmed.

It only takes 5-7 business days for you to get the product!

How can I contact Soher?

We're here to help! Reach out to us at, or visit our contact page.

Our dedicated customer service team aims to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 614 reviews
Ella M.

My daughter loves her new koala! It's so soft and the heartbeat feature helps her sleep through the night. We've noticed a big difference in her anxiety levels.

Lily A.

Fast delivery and excellent product. The Relief Koala helps me stay calm during my panic attacks. I carry it with me everywhere. Best purchase I've made!

Sophie T.

This adorable koala has been a game-changer for my anxiety! I feel so much more relaxed and calm. The heartbeat sound is incredibly soothing. Highly recommend!

Matilda U.

I never thought a plushie could help with my anxiety, but this koala does the trick. The calming features are perfect for stressful days.

Daisy P.

I never thought a plushie could help with my anxiety, but this koala does the trick. The calming features are perfect for stressful days.

Alice Z.

The Relief Koala has become an essential part of my nightly routine. The gentle breathing sounds help me drift off to sleep peacefully.

Hannah L.

The Relief Koala has become an essential part of my nightly routine. The gentle breathing sounds help me drift off to sleep peacefully.

Millie O.

Perfect for anyone dealing with anxiety. The koala's soothing features are just what I needed. I love the soft nightlight feature as well. Worth every penny!